Dnipro Day 2018:“Clean Dnieper starts from you”

On 7th of July 2018, the Dnipro Day took place in Kyiv as a large-scale event for the first time in history of Kyiv. The key event of the festival was historic swimming across Dnipro − for the first time the current of Dnipro was slowed down for swimmers to be able to cross 500 m of the river. Around 400 people, both professional sportsmen, as well as amateurs took part in the swimming, supported by hundreds of people, watching them.

After such a sportive and emotional beginning, the action was shifted towards the main scene, where joint welcoming of participants by organizers took place. It was the moment when different organizations: Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, EU Delegation to Ukraine, Ukrainian member of parliament, and State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine shared the tips for the wide public what does it mean to protect the Dnipro in the daily practices. The motto of the Dnipro Day was “Clean Dnieper starts from you”, stressing sustainable daily practices, as selection of P-free detergents, avoiding throwing garbage at river banks, avoiding washing cars and other near rivers etc. The start of the Dnipro River Basin Management Plan was also announced at the event.

The event included awarding ceremony for the winners in different categories including best female and male swimmers, competitions of children drawings “The Picturesque Dnipro”, photo competition “Dnipro’s Diversity” and competition for the best logo of Dnipro Day.

There was a concert of the youth teams, singing about Dnipro arranged. During the event, there was an exhibition of the photos and children drawings. Kids got opportunity to draw their own magic Dnipro fish. Adults got an opportunity to learn more about the P-free detergents and participate in the enlargement of the relevant catalogue developed by the EU WI+ project.

The event was finalized with the large and impressive flash mob of the representatives of the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine, making the word “Dnipro” in dance.

More than 4,500 people (kids and their parents, sportsmen, water managers at national and regional levels, journalists etc.) attended the event. The event was covered by all national channels, including TV, radio, internet news, newspapers etc.

This event is organized by the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and the EU project “European Union Water Initiative plus for Eastern Partnership” (EU WI+), Kyiv State Administration, PJSC Ukrhydroenergo, and Aquaman 3.8 sport event.

Conclusion: Taking into account the number of the people, attending the event and number of positive feedback from Kyiv citizens and impressive coverage by press, this event can be considered as very successful. It creates Dnipro solidary, raises awareness of people about the Dnipro problems and creates a good background for new water management policy. It is recommended to support such events in future, until it will become a sustainable tradition. Moreover, that there is a strong ownership of this event from the side of the State Agency of Water Resources.



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