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In Ukraine there will be Basin Councils

The State Agency for Water Resources of Ukraine (SAWR) announced the formation of the Basin Councils within the river basin districts.

The Water Resources Management Department (SAWR) will be responsible for coordination of activity of basin councils. Department of Public Relations and Documentation will be responsible for coverage on the SAWR official website in the section "Basin Councils" and for information on the establishment and operation of basin councils. The Basin Department of Water Resources will be responsible, within the scope of their activities, for the preparation of the meeting of representatives of the interested parties, the formation of the basin councils, the organization and holding of their meetings.

It is interesting that membership in the basin councils is voluntary. The nominations are made by submitting application forms. Candidates for the members of the basin council can be provided by interested parties on a sectoral basis, as well as on the principle of equal territorial representation.

EUWI+ will contribute to operationalisation of the Dnieper District Basin Council.

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