International Clean Beach Day: Clean-up event in Kyiv at Dnipro River - 15 September 2018

On 15th of September the State Agency of Water Resources  in cooperation with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and the EU project “European Union Water Initiative plus for Eastern Partnership” (EUWI+) organizes a large clean up event in Kyiv, at Dnipro River, uniting different organizations, NGOs, children, students and locals.


  • Real restoration of beautiful bank of Dnipro together
  • Presentation of the work of “water tractor” Truxor, who will clean waste in the water
  • Joint painting of large mural “Clean Dnipro starts from you”
  • Press-briefing of MENR, EU Delegation and SAWR on future plans of waste prevention
  • Music
  • Tasty Uzbek pilaw in the end.



12:00 – Start of the event. All participants will get bags and gloves and special neckerchiefs to be as a one team. Be prepared to work (it is real cleaning, not decoration) with encouraging music. The waste, which can be recycled – glass bottles and good plastic bottles should be collected separately. In parallel water tractor will work. PS Water will be provided for all participants.

 After cleaning up activities, the start of the joint painting of large mural 9 m x 9 m “Clean Dnipro starts from you” will be announced. Become a part of beautiful public awareness action.

 14:00 – press briefing

  • EU Delegation to Ukraine (proposed topic: on European Strategy on Plastic)
  • Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (on new legislation on waste)
  • State Agency of Water Resources (on incorporation of waste problems in River Basin Management Plans). The first results of pilot analysis of phthalates (products of decomposition of the plastic in water) concentrations in Dnipro will be presented.

14:20 – joint meal (real Uzbek pilaw)

Location: Dnipro left bank, under bridge of Paton with beautiful view on Kyiv churches and Motherland statue


Participants :

  • State Agency of Water Resources
  • Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
  • EU Delegation to Ukraine
  • NGOs
  • Students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
  • Children
  • Local citizens

Media Invite

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