Belarus: Dnieper RBMP approved by the Basin Council, Oct. 2018

The 2nd Dnieper River Basin Council was held in Gomel (Belarus) on 25 October 2018, in the presence of an Ukrainian delegation. One of the agenda item concerned Dnieper RBMP refined in the frame of EUWI+ project.

In the official report, the Dnieper River Basin Council concluded:  

  • To approve the Dnieper River Basin Management Plan (RBMP),
  • On the basis of the Water code of the Republic of Belarus, to recommend to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus (Minpriroda) to send the Dnieper RBMP to the Regional Executive Committees and Minsk City Executive Committee, concerned by the river basin, for approval by a joint decision before the end of the 1st quarterly 2019.

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