The first meeting of the Western Bug Basin Council will take place in Brest, Republic of Belarus on December 20, 2017, with participation of the EUWI + project experts

The Western Bug River is a tributary of the Vistula River, a transboundary basin with Ukraine and Poland, one of the five main river basins of Belarus. The EUWI+ project focuses on developing mechanisms for involving stakeholders and water users in the preparation and implementation of basin plans and the program of measures. In this regard, the project experts will bring possible assistance in the operationalization of the work of the basin councils in the Republic of Belarus. We would like to remind that the project will develop a management plan for the Pripyat river basin and finalize the management plan for the Dnipro river basin as it approaches the criteria of the EU Water Framework Directive and the recent Belorussian Regulation on RBMPs. It is planned that the Dnipro Basin Council will hold its second meeting in October 2018. A Pripyat Basin Council will meet in 2019 to review the management plan for the Pripyat river basin and agree on a corresponding program of measures.

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