Azerbaijan - Expert mission: Pierre Henry de Villeneuve & Yunona Videnina- IOW
Monday 29 January 2018, 08:00am
To Friday 02 February 2018

Target / goals of the mission

Project Management

  • Share the results of the coordination meeting in Paris with the Azeri thematic leaders for RBMP, data management and communication.
  • Project work plan and schedule for 2018 (R2, R3)
  • Identification of sustainable team to manage RBMP development at national and Kura level
  • Coordination issues: interaction with ongoing projects (Kura II)


Technical Aspects

  • Data management: server purchase, progress on completing meta data forms by institutions involved; meta data collection through SEIS and maps production for RBMP;
  • Draft ToR about communication strategy and further development stakeholder involvement activities for participative RBMPlanning (R3)
  • Kura RBMP development: discussion about ToR for RBMP development, company or experts qualified, organisation of contracts, duration
  • Identify current national plans which may affect water resources including duration and scope to feed relevant chapter of the RBMP and Program of Action
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