Armenia - Expert mission: Florence PINTUS - IOW
Monday 29 January 2018, 08:00am
To Thursday 01 February 2018

Target / goals of the mission

Technical Aspects

Activity 2.3.2     Technical Support in the elaboration and implementation of the pilot RBMPs Sevan & Hrazdan :

  • Approval of the ToRs for RBMPs development (part one) and its annexes
  • Selection of tender list and launching of tender


Activity 2.3.1     Assessment of needs and identification of priorities of support for each country

  • Examination of the grid assessment of the Akhuryan RBMP for work program establishment


Project Management and Administration

Activity 2.1.1     Assessment of monitoring and laboratory infrastructure, capacities and needs

  • Appointment of contractor for identification of water measuring points for Sevan-Hrazdan basin


Activity 2.3.6     Development and strengthening of national databases on water related issues

  • Approval of ToR and tender
  • Launching for the maintenance of the web server for environmental data management at WRMA


Activity 3.1.2     Next National Policy Dialog and stakeholders participation:

  • Dates confirmation, preparation and organization of public consultation


Other aspects :

  • Global coordination under result 2 with activities implemented by UBA and with result 1

 current national plans which may affect water resources including duration and scope to feed relevant chapter of the RBMP and Program of Action

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