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Ukraine - Expert mission: Yunona Videnina & Philippe SEGUIN - IOW
Monday 12 February 2018, 8:00AM
To Friday 16 February 2018

Target / goals of the mission

Technical Aspects

  • Project work plan and schedule for 2018 (R2, R3) - table attached
  • Dnipro RBMP development: ToR for Dnipro RB characterisation (2.3.2.) - Draft attached
  • Dnipro RBMP development: content of 1st generation of Dnipro RBMP - note attached
  • ToR about communication strategy (3.1.1.) – Draft attached


Project Management and Administration

  • Dnipro RBMP development: administrative discussion about ToR for RB characterisation (2.3.2.): estimation, company or experts qualified, number of contracts, duration
  • Identification of sustainable RBMP team to support at national level and/or Dnipro level
  • List, period and scope of current Ukrainian plans which may affect water resources
  • Interview with preselected candidates for the communication assistant position (short term, part time)


Other aspects, such as

  • Evolution of institutional framework: State Water Agency reform

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