Workshop on laboratory basics and fundamentals of ISO Certification
From Tuesday 12 December 2017 -  08:00am
To Wednesday 13 December 2017 - 06:00pm

The workshop aims at harmonising and improving knowledge on fundamentals (principles and terminology) of quality management in laboratories and accreditation requirements (on the basis of ISO 17025). It addresses in particular laboratory practitioners responsible for operating instruments and shall help them to introduce and mange QA principles and practices in their daily work.

Main topics
• Clarification of fundamentals of the 17025
• Clarification of terms and basic information for uniform use and understanding of terms such as calibration, standards, work range, reference, validation, verification, statistics, ISO 17025 as umbrella

Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Betsy Hotel, 32-34 Makashvili St., 0108 Tbilisi, Georgia
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