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Water policy in Azerbaijan is mainly implemented through water legislation, particularly, through the Water Code(1999). The Water Code is the basis for water management in Azerbaijan and sets out the following main principles for use and protection:

  • development of economy and environmental protection;
  • provision of the population with qualitative water;
  • combination of administrative - territorial and basin principles;
  • differentiation of the functions on management in the use and protection of water objects, as well as functions of their economic utilisation.

 Currently, the Strategy of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2017-2035 regarding integrated water resources management is under development. The National Water Strategy (NWS) will be aimed at the development of water resources management and water protection as well as water supply and sanitation in Azerbaijan to better meet both international and EU level standards and objectives. The draft Strategy contains goals which are divided into short-term (6 years), medium-term (18 years) and long-term goals. Strategy proposes that the regional administration would be based on the catchment areas.

By support of EU EPIRB some attempts are done to support beneficiary organisations to harmonise national legislation according to principles of WFD, UWWTD and Floods Directive.

 Project Ambition

  • Support to National Policy Dialogue process
  • Recast of the National Water Strategy (NWS)
  • Development of a National Water Action Programme
  • Secondary legislation development
  • Finalizing of targets and reporting under the Protocol on Water and Health
  • Finalization of bilateral agreement with Georgia on the Kura River
  • Implementation of certain aspects of the Kura agreement with Georgia

 Targeted Results

  • National Policy Dialogue to become an established practice. National Policy Dialogue on water recognising platform facilitating stakeholder engagement and participation in water governance
  • Renewed Strategy adopted by the Government
  • Reform implementation started towards water costs recovery.
  • Key secondary legal acts developed and adopted (pending on details of agreement to be signed between EU and Azerbaijan)
  • National targets on water and health formally adopted and submitted to UNECE-WHO/Europe Secretariat. National report submitted within the fourth reporting cycle
  • High-level bilateral meeting(s) held to reach final agreement (signing and ratification dependent on political will of both countries)
  • Bilateral structures established and activities supported (next step - detailed division of tasks with UNDP/GEF Kura-2 project)

 Information Letters

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