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Republic of Moldova


The national policy for water resources aims to prevent the degradation of water resources at all levels, taking into consideration social and economic changes, national plans and current trends in regions and river basins. 

 The Water Law No. 272 of 23 December, 2011 and some 20 sub-law regulations supersede the Water Code (1993), and create a legal framework for the management, protection and efficient use of surface water and groundwater. This legal framework is partially harmonized with the EU directives.

 The Government also adopted some new Strategies giving orientations and objectives for the water sector (among others): National Development Strategy «Moldova 2020»; New Environmental Strategy for 2014-2023 (April 2014), promoting sustainable development and green economy (Section 2 of the Strategy); New Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) Strategy for 2014-2028.

Moldova  is  a  signatory  part  of several international conventions and  partnerships, relevant  for  the  water  sector: partnership  and  cooperation agreement  with  EU,  Espoo Convention, Helsinki  Convention, Protocol  on  Water  and  Health,  ICPDR  Convention, Protocol  on  Civil  Liability, Aarhus  Convention, bilateral  agreements with  Ukraine and Romania etc.

 Republic of Moldova, under the EU Association Agreement from 2014, is also committing to the following actions:

  1. Development of provisions of the River Basin Management Authority (Article 3 of Directive 2000/60/EU); should be implemented before July 2019.
  2. Determination of areas of river basins and the creation of mechanisms of international rivers, lakes (Article 3); should be implemented before July 2022.
  3. Analysis of the characteristics of river basin districts (Article 5); should be implemented before July 2022.
  4. Introduction of water quality monitoring programs (Article 8); should be implemented before July 2022.
  5. Preparation of river basin management plans, conduction of a public consultation process and publication of these plans (Article 13 and 14); should be implemented before July 2024.
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