A new step towards River Basin Management Plan in Armenia: Training workshop on quantitative pressures and impacts of human activities on water resources

Legend : Training session in Yerevan, 11-13 September 2018

A 3 days training workshop organised by the EUWI+ project on 11 – 13 September 2018 in Yerevan, aimed at strengthening the capacities of the main stakeholders involved in water management at national and basin levels, based on the WFD concepts.

The objective of the workshop was to provide methodological support and exchanges between participants on European and Armenian case studies.

Armenian consultants Geocom and JINJ presented the provisional results of their studies in Sevan and Hrazdan basins. International experts V. de Truchis, Gap & Ventavon water users association’s Director and Philippe Verjus, French Ministry of environment, developed:

The French regulatory framework for water resources management

  • Characteristics and activities of water users associations (WUA) in mountain area,
  • The relationships between irrigators, water agencies and the water administration
  • Surface and groundwater issues related to agriculture abstraction
  • Water economic balance, sectoral water allocation, restrictions
  • The use of modelling for simulating the impact of withdrawals or climate change on groundwater
  • The involvement of water users in the water allocation process

Florence Pintus & Vahagn Tonoyan from the MS consortium of the EUWI+ project were facilitating the discussions. The workshop included a field trip to Ejiniatsin WUA in the Ararat valley.

The workshop gathered 27 participants from the Water Resource Management Agency (WRMA), State Committee for Water System (SCWS), Ministry of agriculture , Basin Management Organisations (BMO) and water users associations (WUAs) from Sevan, Hrazdan and Akhuryan districts, Hydromet, Environment Monitoring Center (EMIC) and USAID.

Next steps in EUWI+ project in Armenia:

Water authorities are developing the first steps of river basin management plans in Sevan and Hrazdan districts. The operational tools and examples provided during the workshop are most relevant to the specific issues of Armenia and will contribute to move forward. The stakeholders’ understanding of the main issues related to quantitative pressures and the expected results of river basin management plans (RBMPs) has also been improved. Early 2019, in accordance with the WFD, a public consultation is going to be organised to collect the opinion of the main stakeholders on the main issues. 


Legend: Water abstraction into the WUA irrigation network, field trip to Ejiniatsin WUA in the Ararat valley, 11-13 September 2018

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Water resource Agency http://wrma.am/

Agenda of the event (EN)

Agenda of the event (ARM)

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