Training Workshop “River Basin Management Plan: Characterisation, Pressures, Impact”, 11-12 December 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine

The training workshop to review and discuss the first steps of the Dnipro River Basin Management Plan development was organized by the EUWI+ project on 11-12 December in Kyiv.

The workshop was dedicated to RBMP team (specialists from Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, State Agency of Water Resources including Basin Organisation BUVR, and research institutes) and EUWI+ contractors.

As by its completion, the key stakeholders/participants exchanged opinions on the recommendations made by the EUWI+ experts related to the proposed delineation of water bodies and River Basin characterisation, as well as the next steps of the Dnipro RBMP development. Experts from Belarus and Georgia spoke about ongoing work on the delineation of water bodies, while international experts shared their experience in developing river basin management plans in the EU countries such as Austria and France. In addition, issues such as the capacity building of key stakeholders, the communication, the transboundary coordination for the Pripyat River basin, and awareness-raising campaigns were addressed and thoroughly discussed during this meeting.

During the practical collective exercises, the group identified and localised main issues in the Dnipro river basin, and worked on the complete planning process (main issues, stakes, goals, objectives, measures) for some stakes.
Kiev, Ukraine, 19 - 20 June 2018: Regional workshop on ecological classification of surface water bodies in EUWI+ pilot areas of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova

Objectives and content of the workshop

The objective of the workshop is to provide support to the beneficiary countries in understanding and implementing the methodology of WFD compliant ecological classification.

The workshop is implemented in the context of Preparation of training plans and organization of hands-on trainings and training of trainers with regard to monitoring and laboratory analyses and to support laboratories for accreditation”. It aims at the contractors of the tenders about SWB delineation, representatives of authorities and experts on biological monitoring.

The workshop will:

  • provide a set of documents (guidelines, presentations) to the participants of the workshop in order to facilitate the principal understanding of the WFD with special focus on the development of ecological status classification systems (ESCS),
  • promote the understanding of the mutual interlinkage between ecological, chemical and hydro-morphological classification as well as other aspects of the WFD in order to establish a comprehensive set of tools for the implementation of the RBMP,
  • enable the participants of the workshop to identify pros and cons of different methodological approaches in other countries and to initiate an iterative process of improving the existing national methods or develop new methods for the next RBMP,
  • prepare for the surveys within the EUWI+ project by identifying the methodological requirements and prerequisites,
  • strengthen the contacts, relations and co-operation between the experts of the countries and the EUWI project team from UBA and IOW.

To cater the specific needs of the EUWI+ partner countries, the workshop is held over 2 days and dedicated to the countries Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. The workshop includes:

  • a repetition of the principles of the WFD
  • an overview of the requirements for a WFD compliant assessment method
  • an overview of the status quo in the EUWI countries regarding assessment methods
  • a joint discussion along with practical exercises in sub-groups on the different steps of ESCS: e.g. typology, pressures, field and laboratory work, metric calculation, including supporting elements (hydromorphology, physical and chemical parameters).
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Preparation of River Basin Management Plans: from theory to practice. 11-12 June in lvano-Frankivsk and 14-15 June 2018 in Poltava, Ukraine

Two training seminars for the staff of regional and basin divisions of the  State Agency for Water Resources on the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive were organized by the APENA project with the participation of the EUWI+ project examined the practical aspects of the river basin management plan's development.

More information: Ukraine_Workshop RBMP_2018 June 11-15_APENA_en.pdf

Kiev, Ukraine, 24 - 25 may 2018: two-day regional workshop “Delineation of surface water bodies in the EUWI+ pilot area”

A two-day workshop “Delineation of surface water bodies in the EUWI+ pilot area” was held in Kiev (Ukraine) on May 24 - 25, 2018. The objective of the workshop was to provide support to the beneficiary countries in understanding and implementing the methodology for the delineation of surface water bodies (SWB) in selected pilot basins.

The workshop was implemented in the context of Activity 2.1.1 “Assessment of monitoring and laboratory infrastructure, capacities and needs”. It aimed in particular at the contractors of the tenders about SWB delineation in the 5 following EUWI+ countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, and Ukraine.  

Experts from the Austrian Environmental Protection Agency (Umweltbundesamt) conducted theoretical training and provided the participants with the necessary methodological recommendations, shared their experience in carrying out similar work in the Danube basin countries, conducted practical exercises, and enabled them to better understand the theoretical material.

Participants from five countries provided brief information on the availability of the necessary data for the process of defining and delineating surface water bodies, and also demonstrated their experience in implementing water management projects with a main focus on typology, biological and hydromorphological data, as well as on pressures and impacts on water resources.

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Ukraine Workshop on laboratory basics and fundamentals of ISO Quality Management Standards (Kyiv 21-22 March 2018)

On March 21-22, 2018 the Workshop on basics (principles and terminology) of quality management of laboratories and requirements for laboratory accreditation (based on ISO 17025) will be held in Kyiv. Main topics of the workshop are clarification of the fundamentals of ISO 17025, clarification of the  reference information for unified use and understanding of terms such as calibration, standards, work range, reference, validation, verification, statistics (ISO 17025 as umbrella).

This training will be useful for laboratory staff who are responsible for operating instruments as obtained knowledge will help them in introducing and implementing QA / QC principles in their daily work.

The workshop will be attended by the representatives from the State Agency of Water Resources, regional River basin authorities, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, Central Geophysical Observatory and Ukrainian Scientific Center of Ecology of the Sea.

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Presentation Name, Eng Presentation Name, Ukr Document Name
European Union Water Initiative plus for the Eastern Partnership Водна ініціатива ЄС плюс для країн Східного партнерства 01_EUWI UA111
WFD compliant monitoring in Austria Моніторинг в Австрії відповідно до ВРД 02 AT-WFD-monitoring UA22
The Principles of Quality Management Принципи управління якістю 03 QM principles UA333
The ISO 17025 standard: principles and management requirements Стандарт ISO 17025: принципи і вимоги до управління 04 ISO 17025 clause 4 UA444
ISO 17025 – technical requirements ISO 17025 - технічні вимоги 05 ISO 17025 clause 5 UA555
The new revision of the ISO 17025 Нова редакція ISO 17025 06 ISO 17025 old new comparison EN to UA6
Practical work in groups Практична робота в групах 07 EUWI+ Workshop day 2 UA7
IT-Requirements Вимоги до ІТ 07 IT-Requirements UA_UKR07
Safety and Health Precautions in Laboratories Заходи з безпеки та охорони здоров'я в лабораторіях 08 Lab Safety UA a_UKR8

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