The main approach regarding communication and stakeholder involvement within the EUWI+ activities consists in with supporting new legislation and national strategies, setting up National Policy Dialogues (Result 1) and RBMP development and implementation (Result 2).

The purpose of communication is to support the project’s technical objectives ensuring in particular valuable communication of the IWRM and EU water acquis; while informing important external stakeholders and the public about the impact of the project itself. In addition, the plan aims to systematize dissemination of information about the project itself, its principles, priorities and achievements.

The communication is thus focus on 2 main objectives:

  • To provide information on the project activities and more widely the action of the European Union including its adherence to citizens’ needs.
  • To support the beneficiary countries in their RBM Planning activities by ensuring public participation and awareness-raising, in line with the specific needs of RBM Planning.

This strategic second objective will be implemented following the need for IWRM at 3 main scales:

  1. At basin scale in the hydrographic districts used as pilots for RBMP preparation and implementation within the project, which require directing particular communication efforts towards local interest parties, stakeholders and the general public.
  2. At national scale in 6 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, with close consideration of the organisation of the work in the different hydrographic districts of each country.
  3. At regional scale in the Eastern European and Caucasus regions targeted by the project, in the large transboundary basins such as the Danube, Dnieper and Kura.

The Communication and Visibility plan adopted by the project partners will be implemented following best practices in communication including, inter alia, strategic approach, public information outreach, special events organisation, social media and web communications and enhanced through the development of 6 country specific communication strategies in the course of the project. 

Partnerships are gradually built up with national initiatives and ongoing adjacent projects (APENA, EMBLAS, IFP, Kura II, etc.) to developing joint awareness rising activities towards stakeholders and the public in the field of integrated water resources management.


Water Borders - Prout (Arte): It is in the Carpathians, in the shadow of Mount Hoverla, the highest peak in Ukraine, that the Prout River originates. Winding 953 kilometers, it is the second longest tributary of the Danube. After Chernivtsi, the historic capital of the Bucovina region, the river forms almost 900 kilometers between Romania and Moldova.
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