Monitoring of the water status plays a key role in the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD). Article 8 sets out the requirements for the monitoring of surface water status, groundwater status and protected areas. The objective of monitoring is to establish an overview within River Basin Districts to permit the assessment of all surface water bodies and groundwater.

Adequate infrastructure and analytical instrumentation are a prerequesite for sound monitoring of water quality and quantity to establish a coherent and comprehensive overview of water status within river basin districts.

In addition, the importance of ensured quality and comparability of analytical results is duly addressed by the WFD’s daughter directive on technical specifications for chemical analysis and monitoring of water status (Commission Directive 2009/90/EC – QA/QC Directive). Accreditation provides government bodies and regulators confidence in the technical competence and data quality generated by laboratories carrying out testing.

The project contributes to further strenghten the technical capacities of state laboratories involved in regulatory water monitoring in terms of equipment, maintenance, consumables, accreditation and related trainings.

 Project Progress
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