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Monitoring plays a key role in the implementation of the WFD. The WFD monitoring programme covers quantity, physico-chemistry, morphology and biology (phytoplankton, macro-phytes, phyto-benthos, benthic invertebrates and fish) and it distinguishes between surveillance, operational, investigatory and trend monitoring. The importance of ensured quality and comparability of analytical results is duly addressed by the WFD’s daughter directive on technical specifications for chemical analysis and monitoring of water status (Commission Directive 2009/90/EC – QA/QC Directive).


The WFD foresees an interim report about the implementation of the Programmes of Measures 3 years after implementing the measures.

This activity will develop indicators to monitor the implementation of the programme of measures of the RBMPs and tools to support the visualisation of the monitoring results. Regarding evidence-based data, the focus will be on the development of practices to use socio-economic data to extrapolate quantified information about the main pressures on water resources.


  • Set of indicators to monitor the implementation of the programme of measures of the RBMPs;
  • Model-based methods to extrapolate quantified pressures from available socio-economic data


Monitoring of Surface Water
Project Progress
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