Stakeholder involvement

Stakeholder involvement

Stakeholder involvement is an integral part of a stepwise process of decision making. At different phases, involvement may take the form of sharing information, consulting, dialoguing, or deliberating on decisions. It should be seen always as a meaningful part of formulating and implementing good policy.

Article 14 of the WFD underlines that “member States shall encourage the active involvement of all interested parties in the implementation of this Directive, in particular in the production, review and updating of the river basin management plans.”

Success in the IWRM/WFD process will closely depend on involvement of all interested parties at the basin/district/region level. In this regards the EUWI+ project focuses on an active stakeholder involvement when the interested parties participate in the planning process, discuss the problems and propose the solutions.

Participation of the public and stakeholders in river basin management is increasingly promoted because it is expected to improve resource management and enable participants to engage freely and equally in management (support democratic processes). The EUWI+ project is working on three overlapping and interacting mechanisms by which participation is expected to enhance river basin management:

  • providing space for deliberation and consensus building for better quality decisions,
  • mobilizing and developing human and social capital for better quality decisions and their implementation, and
  • raising the legitimacy of decisions to facilitate their implementation.

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