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Republic of Moldova

Cross-road workshop on River Basin Management Plan: Characterization, pressures, impact on Danube Prut and Black Sea District,13 November 2018, Chisinau

River Basin Management Plan (RBMP): characterization of a River Basin, estimation of pressures and their impacts on water resources with participation of expert from National Agency “Apele Romane”, branch from Prut River basin management unit from Iasi. Participants: Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Water Agency “Apele Moldovei”, enterprise involved in water management, NGO sector, contractor, Institute of Ecology and Geography, synergy project ADA/SDC experts.

The results were next:

  • understanding and mastering the first steps of River Basin Management Plan development
  • coordination the on-going contract on Danube Prut and Black Sea (delineation of main course of Prut river, characterization and RBMP)
  • starting preparation next steps, including basin stakeholder’s involvement
  • initiating to closer cooperation with Romanian planners working on the right bank of the Prut basin
  • defining protected areas according new methodology in communication with ADA/SDC project experts
  • preparing next cross road workshop at beginning of the February 2019.

List of Participants

Groundwater sampling training for Moldovan groundwater experts in the Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources. Moldova, 16/10/18.

In the framework of the EU funded project European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership (EUWI + 4 EaP) the Umweltbundesamt GmbH / Environmental Agency of Austria has organized a groundwater sampling training for Moldovan groundwater experts. The target audience was personnel, which is responsible for carrying out groundwater sampling within national groundwater monitoring activities.

The training aimed at improving quality assurance and quality control in groundwater sampling and covered aspects of: planning sampling campaigns, field work and measurements according to international standards, treatment of samples, logistics with the laboratory and possible mistakes and their implications on the analytical results. The theoretical training was accompanied by a practical training with the own equipment of the SE “Hydrogeology Expedition of Moldova“, which is responsible for the groundwater survey in the Danube-Prut and Black Sea River District.

The theoretical part of the groundwater sampling training was held at the premises of the Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources in Chisinau on the 16th of October 2018. The practical training was implemented at a monitoring well near the city of Ialoveni which is southwest of Chisinau.