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 The Upper Dnieper Basin

The River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) under the Water Framework Directive is the key tool for the implementation of environmental protection and sustainable management of water resources at the level of river basins.

The RBMP assesses and identifies the priority pressures and impacts, and through assessment of baseline data, assesses the current status of water resources in terms of ecological status. RBMP lays out the water management objectives and the steps needed to meet those objectives in a structured and systematic manner which is realistic and affordable. They are key agents in the different sectors an in regard to climate change adaptation for the implementation of IWRM and the RBMP has an important coordination role to transfer of decision making from the national to the basin level and empowering the key stakeholders.

This thematic area consists supporting know how in order to designed River Basins Management Plans in a participative way with the main interested parties and a dashboard for regular monitoring of its implementation.

In case of transboundary basin, harmonization of the plans developed in the national districts of each country sharing the same transboundary basin is work out together with international agreement development.

EUWI+ is focusing on Dnieper through 3 RBMPs concerning: Dnieper and Pripyat in Belarus, Dnipro (Dnieper) in Ukraine.