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1GE 8 130919

Embankment on board of the vessel “Beshumi”. From left to right:Paata Vadachkoria–Marine

biologistTinatin Jaglidze–Student of Marine science at Batumi UniversityGrozdan Kuspilic –EUWI+

ConsultantIrina Baramidze –Marine chemistMadona Varshanidze–Marine biologist. ©EUWI+


In September, the European Union Water Initiative Plus for Eastern Partnership Countries (EUWI+) conducted the first round of coastal and transitional water monitoring in Georgia.

The survey took place between 8 and 13 September to establish the ecological status of seven coastal water bodies from the Black Sea coastal village of Sarpi to the town of Kobuleti in Adjara, and one transitional water body in the Chorokhi estuary.

A video showcasing the work has been shared on the EUWI+ Facebook page.


2GE 8 130919

Work in Batumi harbour, a heavily modified water body. ©EUWI+



3GE 8 130919

Sampling of seawater for analysis of dissolved oxygen, nutrients and chlorophyll a at four

depths (0.5 m, 5 m, 10 m and 2 m above the seafloor). ©EUWI+


4GE 8 130919

Filling out the survey data log. ©EUWI+


5GE 8 130919

Sampling of benthic organisms. ©EUWI+


6GE 8 130919

Work in the outer Chorokhi estuary. ©EUWI+