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In Ukraine, the State Agency of Water Resources together with the EUWI+ project is organizing for the youth the Open Space World Water Day on the water quality issues all around the Dnipro river basin. In the framework of the event, the youth will hear the latest findings on water quality in the Dnipro river basin with further practical analyze of the river water and wastewater samples on 6 main parameters (pH, total hardness, carbonates hardness, nitrites, nitrates and chlorine) with the help of the express water tests. Then participants will be informed how detergents influence the water quality and what we can do in order to reduce the negative impact. After that, the guests will have an opportunity to get to know the riverine diversity and will identify the key species living in Ukraine. Plastic waste is a crucial issue in nowadays life so this question will also be raised at the event. Participants will get information on the types of plastic waste and their level of hazard and the ways of plastic waste sorting.

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