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The campaign in support of P-free detergents in order to prevent “blossoming” of the Dnipro river by blue green algae has started from the 1st of June and will last to 7th of July 2018 (Dnipro Day).


In frame of campaign a number of infographics has been developed and distributed with the aim to show the process, where P-containing detergents act as “fertilizer” for the Dnipro algae blossoming.


The cartoon has been developed https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=6IUPdXhgWPw,


Also a contest “My favorite laundry detergent - without phosphorus compounds” was launched whose main tasks is to create catalogue of the P-free detergents, recommended by the people. We welcome everybody to take part in the contest and submit their favorite P-free detergent.


The campaign is launched in social media, using FB group Dnipro unites  https://www.facebook.com/groups/263158374255229/  

EU WI+ page, page of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine.