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On 7 June 2019, within the framework of the 15th National Environmental Forum in Belarus, a special session on the rational management of water resources was held with the support of the EUWI+ project.

Sharing EU experience and knowledge on efficient water policy

EUWI+ representatives presented practical proposals on the dissemination of water and environmental information, and on developing cooperation on transboundary watercourses.

The session was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Andrei Khmel. It was attended by over 40 employees from environmental services of the Republic of Belarus, representatives of water user organisations (enterprises), and public associations.

15th National Environmental Forum in Belarus

This 15th edition of the forum, which dates back to 2003, took place in the city of Novogrudok, Grodno Oblast on 7-8 June. This year the focus was “Sustainable development of small cities: global challenges and local solutions”.

The event provided an opportunity to share experience between city representatives, scientists, business people, international organisations and the general public.