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Welcome to our group "THE DNIPRO UNITES "!

Our group is set up to share news on water resources and on the Dnipro River and its tributaries.
Right now, within the framework of the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Ukraine, with the support of the European Union, starts developing the first River Basin Management Plan for the Dnipro (Dnieper) River (covering surface and groundwater). Join the group and follow the steps in this work. You will be aware of the legislative changes in the field of water resources,  first you will see the results of monitoring water in accordance with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive and their mapping. The pilot river basin is the largest river basin in Ukraine - the Dnipro river basin, which covers almost 50% of the entire territory of our country.
You will also learn about interesting things associated with the Dnieper and its tributaries. We will be glad if you will share with us also useful information about the state of our Dnipro river and its rivers.
Glad to see you in this group! See you soon!


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