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Ongoing cooperation with the identified priority laboratories includes both training and equipment support, as well as refurbishment of some of the laboratories (AM, AZ). The procurement of 6 chromatographs is a key step in equipment support, and further support will follow.

Such equipements aim to improve capacity to detect and analyse the concentration of harmful substances in water, allowing the responsible authorities to understand the status of rivers, lakes and groundwater. The authorities need such information to decide which steps they need to take in order to protect water resources for the benefit of ecosystems and people.

After the selection of best bidder by by EUWI+ team, the chromatographs will be delivered, the suppliers will make the installation, calibration, and training.  The new equipment will be use to analyse water samples in order to understand the current situation and take the necessary steps to improve it (including of samples collected during EUWI+ surveys under project activities)

The tender is now available on the EU tender platform