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In partnership with EUWI+, the NGO Country Water Partnership (CWP) Armenia implemented an information campaign on the theme “Leaving no one behind”. The objective was to reflect about our daily practices to learn tips on how to save water, and to create a discussion about Human Right to water.

The highlight of the campaign was the open lesson organised on 22 March in a school from the Ashtarak municipal community. 49 participants took part in the event (including 7 teachers and 35 schoolchildren).

On this occasion were presented the importance of World Water Day and the meaning of its motto, “Leaving no one behind”, which insists on everyone’s right to benefit from socio-economic development. On this special day it was placed particular emphasis on the access to safe drinking water for all.

It was given children the opportunity to freely express themselves on those topics through various ways: songs, case studies, stories, poetry, painting…etc, depending on their inclinations and talents.

Schoolchildren thus pointed out the importance of Kasagh river for Ashtarak community. They also put themselves in the shoes of women or rural people to reflect on the importance of water from various points of view.