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This summer, around 350 schoolchildren from the Sevan and Hrazdan River Basin communities used special kits to carry out basic monitoring of local waterbodies. The activity followed a series of green events organised in Armenia aimed at raising awareness on water protection.

The results of this summer campaign will be presented during World Water Monitoring Day on 18 September 2019 in Harsnaqar Hotel in the Sevan Basin. The schoolchildren will then enter their data online into the World Water Monitoring Day’s international database.

On the morning of 18 September, the schoolchildren will also take a study tour to Gaghamavan hydrological station to discover how experts measure hydromorphological features (water flow, bank structure, vegetation type, etc). All of these measurements are part of water monitoring activities to help reach a good status of water resources.

Organised by EU Water Initiative + (EUWI+) and its partner Country Water Partnership Armenia (CWP), these activities empower young people to identify and solve water challenges by taking action in their own communities.

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