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Armenia has moved a step closer to the European Union acquis in integrated water resources management. In the water domain, the CEPA between Armenia and the EU is designed to gradually align the Armenian legal framework in the water sector with the EU acquis. The EUWI+ is supporting the Ministry of Environment through a roadmap for the implementation of provisions under the 5 EU water-related directives in the CEPA. Roadmap implementation is now ongoing, with a comprehensive set of amendments to the Water Code recently submitted to government entities for official circulation. Armenia has also recently revised its national targets in the context of the Protocol on Water and Health to improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation for all citizens, and they have been submitted for adoption.
At basin scale, Armenia has improved its capacities to implement its national strategy by renovating its water monitoring network and laboratory facilities, and by organising numerous training courses to build the capacity of experts and personnel within EUWI+. This is coordinated with the development of the first River Basin Management Plan for Sevan and Hrazdan basins - a planning/ policy document that aims at structuring and improving the management of water resources at basin level in the long term. As a result, Armenia will be able to implement concrete measures at local level for more efficient water resources management in order to reach good water status.

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