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Thursday, 25 March 2021 14:52

Moldova: Nirnova, Master Plan on Water Supply and Sanitation (draft), 2021 (ENG)

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 The need for qualitative water supply and sanitation services in urban areas, especially in rural areas of the Republic of Moldova, is urgent. Compared to the neighboring countries, in Moldova there is still a limited access to such services. The current investments are insufficient and are simplified to the localities that are already covered by infrastructure. In such a context, where the need for water supply and sanitation services is so great and the water and financial resources are limited, it is essential to plan and prioritize investments. This draft report presents the vision of the consultant’s team on the working methodology and the steps for the achievement of the Master Plan for sewerage and water supply for the Nirnova basin.



  • Country or Region: 5- Moldova
  • Theme: 4- River Basin Management Plans
  • Type of document: 2- Technical Reports