Tbilisi, Georgia, Workshop on RBMP development, Pressures and Impacts assessment; integration of works and development of methodologies, 22-23 Oct. 2018

The workshop is dedicated RBMP team (specialists from MEPA, NEA…) and contractors on the river basins of Khrami, Debed, Alazani, Iori in Georgia. It aims:

  • To coordinate the implementation of first steps of River Basin Management Plan development
  • To coordinate the on-going contracts about Alazani/Iori and Khrami-debed (delineation, characterisation and RBMP)
  • To develop commonly suitable methodologies adapted to the country and pilot basins
  • To prepare next steps, including basin stakeholders involvement

Related activities in EUWI+ project:

Activity 2.3.2: Technical Support in the elaboration and implementation of the pilot RBMPs

Activity 3.1.3: Establishment of a mechanism to harmonise practices and share information and communication with practitioners involved in WFD implementation and/or IWRM in the 6 EaP countries.

: Regional Workshop Ecological classification of surface water bodies in EUWI+ pilot areas of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. 24-25 july 2018, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia, 5th of june 2018: workshop on River Basin Managment Planning

The launching workshop on RBMP development for Alazani/Iori Basin in Georgia and Upper Kura above Mingachevir in Azerbaijan was organised on June 5, 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

It has gathered 22 participants; the main contractors in GE and AZ, representatives of Beneficiary institutions and international experts.

The workshop has allowed to present / remind the situation regarding WFD implementation in GE and AZ, to present the RBMP development principles, to give feedback on the previous experiences of RBMP development (EPIRB), to present the contractors approach in both basins but also to organize a Questions/answers session on methods and approaches. A specific attention was paid on the coordination and linkages between the various undergoing contracts. (The full workshop report is available here)

Workshop report

Workshop presentation

Tbilisi, Georgia, 12-13 December 2017: regional training session on the general Laboratory Management and ISO Certification for the Caucasus countries of the project (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia)

In the framework of the EU funded project European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership (EUWI + 4 EaP), UBA (Umweltbundesamt) Environmental Agency Austria and EUWI+ Regional Office for the Caucasus organized a training session on the general Laboratory Management and ISO Certification for the Caucasus countries of the project (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) and respective laboratory institutions. The training was held in the Betsy’s Hotel on 12-13 December 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia

The workshop brought together the main producers of water quality data and information, as results of sampling and analysis quality of river and other water ecosystems (reservoirs, canals, groundwater bodies, etc.) to support preparation of River Basin Management Plan in the project countries.

The workshop aimed at harmonising and improving knowledge on fundamentals (principles and terminology) of quality management in laboratories and accreditation requirements (basis is ISO 17025), addressing in particular laboratory practitioners responsible for operating instruments and keeping QA issues alive in their daily practise. The training was attended by the laboratory experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in order to address transboundary issues and to foster collaboration.

The main topics of the workshop were:

  • Clarification of fundamentals of the 17025
  • Clarification of terms and background fundamentals for uniform use and understanding of terms like calibration, standards, work range, reference, validation, verification, statistics, ISO 17025 as umbrella
Georgia : Workshop on Data Management for Integrated Water Resource Management (Tbilisi, September 26-27 2017)

In the framework of the project EUWI + EAST, IOWater (International Office for Water) are supporting the organizing a training session on data management for IWRM.

The objective of the workshop is to concretely initiate a data management process, following the development logic of the national Water Information System (WIS), in order to feed the preparation of RBM Plans in the Georgian river basins.

This workshop aims:

  • To present the project objectives and strategy related to the development of national water data management procedure and tools in compliance with SEIS principle and in order it will facilitate the production of maps and indicators for the RBMP
  • To remind the SEIS principles for data collection and sharing
  • To present the methodologies and tools recommended for the analysis of the existing situation, concerning:
    • The identification of data producers per topic of data necessary for IWRM
    • Identification and characterization of existing data sources, data sets and web services
    • Analyze of the existing data flow and data sharing within and between national institutions
  • To exchange on priority needs related to the strengthening of water data management procedures and tools at national level

The workshop and the associated training sessions will also provide an opportunity:

  • To exchange on “who produces what?” and “how the data is managed?” at the level of the main national and pilot basin data producers;
  • To start the construction of a collaborative national metadata catalogue, with participation of these main data producers;
  • To be trained on the use of on line metadata catalogue;
  • To elaborate a clear mapping of “who exchange what with who” per main domain of data , get a vision of the existing procedures for data sharing, and identify eventual solutions for improvement that could be implemented in order to facilitate the production of maps and indicators for the RBMP in compliance the SEIS principles

The workshop took place in Tbilisi on September 26-27 in the premise of the National Environmental Agency
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