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Second Pripyat RBMP public consultations

2020-01-31 00:00
Public and stakeholder consultations are organised throughout the River Basin Management Plan development process: they ensure public awareness of working plan outcomes and the joint development of solutions to problems.
The draft River Basin Management Plan for the Pripyat river basin  was developed by specialists from the Central Research Institute for the Complex Use of Water Resources (CRICUWR) as part of European Union Water Initiative Plus for Eastern Partnership Countries "(EUWI+).

After a first consultation on 1 November in Minsk to discuss the draft river management plan for the Pripyat river basin (https://www.euwipluseast.eu/en/component/content/article/205-all-activities/activites-belarus/news-of-belarus/675-consultation-on-the-draft-pripyat-river-basin-management-plan-send-in-your-comments-and-suggestions-by-1-december?Itemid=397), a second public consultation will take place on 31 January.


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  • 2020-01-31 00:00