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Workshop river basin management plan: characterisation, pressures, impact 11-12 December 2018 Kyiv, Ukraine

2018-12-11 00:00 - 2018-12-12 00:00

The workshop, dedicated to RBMP team (specialists  from Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, State Agency of Water Resources, organizations under guiding of Ministry, other Ministries and representatives from Basin Organisation BUVR) and contractors, aims :

  • To understand and master the first steps of River Basin Management Plan development
  • To coordinate the on-going contracts about Dnipro RB (delineation, characterisation) and prepare next steps
  • To develop coordination between stakeholders
  • To develop transboundary coordination for Pripyat River Basin
  • To raise interest toward River Basin Management
  • To share State-Members experiences

Location: Alfavito Hotel, Kyiv (Ukraine)



All Dates

  • From 2018-12-11 00:00 to 2018-12-12 00:00