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Training on quality management for laboratory representatives from the Azerbaijan partner laboratory, Baku

2019-04-02 00:00

Topics/aims: 1 full day training on quality management & 17025:2017 for laboratory representatives from the AZ partner laboratory, ISO 17025: 2017 implementation plan, drafting of quality management documentation for envisaged future accreditation.

Technical Aspects
  • 1-day Quality Management workshop for EMIC laboratory personnel held; knowledge how to implement the 17025:2017 international standard for laboratory accreditation in the laboratory raised

General overview and structure
General Quality Management terms and principles
Mandatory procedures

  •  2 working days on development of an implementation plan of needed documents, drafting relevant documents at the EMIC laboratory

Setup of an ISO 17025:2017 implementation plan
Development of a draft quality handbook according to ISO 17025:2017
Development of quality procedures (e.g. for personnel)
Development of an organisational chart

Project Management and Administration

Procurement of equipment (Status of the big tender, Status of procurement of equipment < EUR 100.000),
Presentation of the updated EUWI+ AZ-workplan 2019




All Dates

  • 2019-04-02 00:00