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Europe Day celebration in Moldova (Cahul)

2019-05-18 00:00 - 2019-05-19 00:00
  • In Brief: To celebrate Europe Day and 10 years of the Eastern Partnership EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova organises Europe Day events on 11-12 May in Chisinau and 18-19 May in Cahul (Prut River Basin)  with the participation of EU funded projects.

On the occasion of Europe Day, the European Union Delegation invites you to the European City 2019! Come to know the culture and the cuisine of European countries, watch a movie, listen to good music - and see with your eyes what changes create the European Union's support for our country….Together we are stronger!”

  • Place: Chisinau and Cahul, Republic of Moldova

All Dates

  • From 2019-05-18 00:00 to 2019-05-19 00:00