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EUWI+ is working in Alazani-Iori and Khrami-Debed pilot river basin districts to support the ministry in the development and implementation of river basin management plans following the EU water framework directive principles.

29 January 2019, EUWI+ has organized the first public and stakeholders consultation on the main challenges (named “main issues”) of the Alazani-Iori river basin district.

21 March 2019, EUWI will organise the first public and stakeholders consultation on the main challenges (named “main issues”) of the Khrami-Debed river basin district.

Public consultation (20 April to 20 May 2019): Main issues for Khrami/Debed River Basin Management Plan (2020-2026)

Consultation from 20 April to 20 May 2019 


Awareness Documents:

Cartoon "Public consultation: You are concerned as well" (video)
What is river basin management plan for? (GE - video)


Documents for Consultation:

Technical summary for Khrami/Debed River Basin (EN - pdf)
Factsheet Khrami/Debed River Basin (EN - pdf)
Consultation questionnaire (EN - pdf)
Factsheet Khrami/Debed River Basin (GE - pdf)
Infographic (EN)
Consultation questionnaire Khrami/Debed River Basin (GE pdf)Khrami/Debed River Basin (GE - pdf)


How to give your feed-back ?

Questionnaire (GE pdf) to fulfill and send before 20 May 2019 to info@rec-caucasus.org

Stakeholders (water actors and experts) have participated to a consultation meetings, 21 March 2019, in Bolnisi, Georgia Hotel ” Deutsche Mühle”.

Stakeholder Consultation 29 January 2019: Main issues for ALAZANI-IORI River Basin Management Plan (2020-2026)

The objectives of the meeting as follow

  • Bringing-up participation and local knowledge for success in River Basin Management Plan development,
  • Present the objectives and activities of the RBMP development in the frame of the EUWI+East project: the several phases, their aims and the potential role of stakeholders,
  • Present the initial results of the Alazani/Iori water body delineation and characterisation reports,
  • Identify dissensus / consensus and stakeholder perception on the presented results,
  • Help defining the main issues with the contribution of stakeholders,
  • Initiate a dynamic of consultation and sharing within the group of actors in support of the development of the next phase of action river basin management plan elaboration.

The Stakeholders meeting on River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) development for Alazani/Iori basin in Georgia has gathered 40 participants; including the representatives of beneficiary institutions, regional and local authorities, NGOs, main contractors in Georgia for RBMP development and EUWI+East representatives.

Alazani-Iori Technical summary of the current findings on the assessment of the Alazani-Iori basin have been sent prior to the meeting and printed copies were included in the participants’ documentation folder for the meeting.

After a welcoming address by Mr. Irakli Kadagishvili, State Attorney in the Kakheti Region and Project representatives, the introduction of the meeting has allowed presenting the frame of the EUWI+East project as regards the RBMP development in Georgia and the necessary participatory and consultation approaches applied by the project.

The first session has then allowed to present the results achieved so far in terms of waterbodies delineation (surface and groundwater) and the characterization of the Alazani/Iori basins. In that respect, several presentations were delivered with numerous maps and tables.

An interactive session has immediately followed, where the participants divided in 3 groups have been able to exchanges directly on the above mentioned results and to provide feedback and complementary information based on their local knowledge and experience in their respective field of daily works.

A final discussion has targeted the next steps of the River Basin Management Plan development in the Alazani basin.