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Working together to protect and improve our water environment

River basin management is about protecting and improving our rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal waters and groundwater. Getting it right is important to ensure we can all enjoy the many benefits, a clean and healthy water environment provides to our economy, our health and our social well-being. All our businesses rely on the water environment in some way or another and it plays a prominent role in the success of many, such as tourism, food production and renewable energy generation. We all depend on fresh surface waters or groundwater for our drinking water.

River basin management planning is at the heart of sustainable water management, securing widespread improvements in the water environment. Working in partnership with others is essential if we are to realise this ambition, actively seeking opportunities to develop a shared vision and achieve common goals.

Over the next few months, EUWI+ and beneficiaries will be working with a wide range of responsible bodies, industries and stakeholder interests to build partnerships to deliver improvements benefitting our shared goals and priorities. Your input to this consultation and contribution to the delivery of the river basin plan is essential in meeting this challenge.


Overview of the river basin, coming soon